Love...Made in Heaven


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Happy Valentine’s Day 2014

Is it too late to come back..?

When I was writing the songs (as I said before that the content value as a song but they are nonetheless my thought of that time when I was feeling really really depressed)..It seemed to me that the first song was like a big question to the girl,” Why did you leave me and what was my fault..?” Here I tried to answer that age old question,” Are you better off with the new love..?” It seemed to me that this guy was not so he wanted to come back.. I wish this two songs could be re written and sung by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers. Continue reading

You don’t love me anymore…

I was not feeling well. The sky was dark..a little bit of rain coming through the open window..I was looking through the window and didn’t know when a drop of tear came down through my face..I looked as far as my eyes go..all those memories came and started to overwhelm me. I remember I was in love with her but I still let her go. It’s been so long..years..decade gone by but there was not a single day that I did not think about her. Even though I saw her last year, see seemed to move on and I definitively moved on but still it makes me happy to just think about her..what if we were together today..what would happen..? Anyway I opened my laptop and started to type whatever came in my mind..I know this is by no means it has any value as a song but I want to write it none the less. So here I go… Continue reading

My love Story…Love in Oman…The final afterthought.

I came back to my empty small apartment…I just took off my shoes and lay down on my bed. I did not know what to do. I was alone. I cried my hearts out. Did not know when I fall on sleep. I woke up in the evening. Then I realized that I had to call back Bangladesh to let my wife and parents know. I picked up the phone and told them that I was OK and reached USA safely.

I did not have any strength left. All I was thinking about her…I wanted to know how she was doing. I wanted to know how she managed. I wanted to know how she started living…I was thinking that why didn’t I give her my address and telephone number….I fell back on sleep again. I did not know what happened.. Continue reading

My love Story…Love in Oman…Last part

I ran through the door. I could not take the pain anymore. I came outside. I saw her husband was standing there with a bouquet of flower for her. She showed me the picture in the hotel room…he did not know me..but since I was the last person coming out he came to me and asked me..” Excuse me, did you see this person..” He showed me her picture. I told him..” Yes, I saw her. She is still in the immigration. Don’t worry she will be out soon..” I could see that he was relieved hearing that.. Continue reading

My love Story…Love in Oman…Part 23

Finally the plane landed in JFK Airport. I was dying inside…I knew we would be together only for few moments….she was holding me tight. Since we sat on the front of the plane we were the first one to get out of the plane. But before we left, we thanked the Air Hostess and the Pilot. They wished us good luck..

I was holding her hip and slowly walking away through the covered walkway to the Immigration and Custom…I told her that since she was coming for the first time, she had to be photographed and finger printed to get her Green Card, it would take much longer time for her to get out. I put her Disembarkation form, Custom form and the Yellow sealed envelope the US Embassy gave her to give to the Immigration… Continue reading

My love Story…Love in Oman…Part 22

We left London about an hour later. The new Air Hostess was very nice too and she told us that there was no one for First Class so we could get the whole area for ourselves. There were very few people flew just After the War. The Pilot announced that it would take about 7 hours and 5 minutes to land in JFK Airport in New York City.

We had our 1st meal in the New York bound plane about 40 minutes after we flew …She did not want to eat anything but I literally had to feed her spoon by spoon. She also fed me. I joked around with her, I tried to make her mood better but she did not smile or hit me like the other few times . . Continue reading

My love Story…Love in Oman…Part 21

She came to my seat. Gulf Air First Class seat was wide enough to snuggle for both of us. I made the seat fully reclined mode and it became almost a bed. It was not as comfortable as a bed but that was the luxury we had due to the Air Hostess and the ticket agent. I could not have thanked them more..

The dim light was almost like the one we had in hotel in Muscat. It brought back the memory. I told her, ” See, this almost felt like we are still in Muscat..” She just kept snuggling with me under the blanket…I looked at her eyes, there were tears in that eyes. Her tearful eyes blinked like a thunder in my heart. Continue reading

My Love Story…Love in Oman…Part 20

I locked the door behind us. She looked at the closed door and stood there for a minute. I told her,”Let’s go.” She stood there like a statue. I tried to push her but she stood there like she was glued to the ground. I was pulling her hand towards the elevator but she wanted to take the stairs down. I did not say anything. It seemed like she wanted to spend the extra minute with me…I went to the front desk. I gave my vouchers and was given a clean bill. I did not owe any money. The Iraqi Airways paid the bill. I thanked the front desk clerk for their hospitality for last few days. Continue reading

My Love Story…Love in Oman..Part 19

I woke up when the sun hit my eyes. She already woke up and took a shower. She was looking fresh, like Venus. The Goddess of beauty…She was passing by, I grabbed her and tried to kiss her . She said, “Yaks. Not before you brush your teeth..” I said ..”Remember you will be longing for this kiss one day. And you will cry..” She looked at me…her eyes were full of tears. She jumped on me and started to hit me and screamed,” Why did you say that..? I will not let you go..” Continue reading

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